What we are doing at Failte - COVID-19

The current spread of the COVID-19 virus and accompanying effect of people and businesses is causing deep concern across the country and world.

The Health and Wellbeing of our staff, customers suppliers and hauliers are as always, our top priority along with ensuring continued uninterrupted supply to all customers.

In line with current developments, we are striving to ensure full compliance with all Government Health Advice and policies as they are issued.

As a food supplier we already have specific rigid Food Safety and Hygiene policies in place, and we are confident that this will offer a good level of protection for all our Staff. In addition, we are briefing and training all staff on any additional advice given by Heath Advisors and Government.

We have reviewed all of our policies and methods and have taken technical advice from our cleaning chemical suppliers and Labs to ensure we are using the most effective methods and chemicals on the market with the highest Biocidal effectiveness.

We are requesting that all staff particularly our sales team restrict unnecessary travel and will be increasing the use of Video calls and online meetings over the coming days and weeks. We would ask for your cooperation and support and where possible work with us to limit visits and meeting wherever possible.

Currently we see no significant effect on our supply chain, but we are reviewing this on a daily basis and where we identify a requirement increasing our stock holding on key products